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23 years ago a group of wise men had a dream which to others was nothing but madness. The initiative of setting up a ‘Private Medical College’ in the late 80’s was regarded as outrageous by the people at all level during that time and eventually many resistance did follow. But those visionary wise men never gave up and they cultivated this dream in the hearts of a group of courageous parents. As a result in one fine morning of some times in1986, a total of 36 students walked into a residential building in Dhanmondi Road no.-25(Old) / 14/A(New); the so called campus of Bangladesh Medical College. These 36 students at time that time had no idea about their future and started their journey banking on their strong desire to prove themselves. Theses 36 students were collectively known as BM-1 and they kept on passing their strong determination to the next 4 batches that is up to BM-5; until Bangladesh Medical College got a firm foot step in the medical education system of the Country. Since then more than 1600 students from 18 batches have graduated from Bangladesh Medical College and are perusing their career in different areas of medical science successfully in and out of the country. Today the college campus is lively due to the swirling of students from BM-24. Over the last 24 years Bangladesh Medical College has earned its position as on of the best Medical College in the Country. Today the students and their parents both do take pride of it. Besides the founders and the teachers, the students had also played a huge role to take Bangladesh Medical College at its current position. Apart from proving their scholastic capabilities in the Professional Examinations, they also had to prove themselves through Inter Medical Cricket Championships, Inter Medical Athletics Meets, Inter Medical Cultural Competitions and many more extra curricular activities. Over the last 24 years Bangladesh Medical College has successfully played its role as the pioneer of private medical education system in the country.

Today on the verge of holding the first ever reunion of the ex-students of Bangladesh Medical College, we the Convening Committee of “Alumni of Bangladesh Medical College” would like to salute the sprit of all the students which took the college to this height today. We also thank all the people who have directly or indirectly contributed to the development of Bangladesh Medical College.

It is very unfortunate that it took us 23 years to hold a reunion of the students who have passed out of this institution. It’s not that initiatives have not been taken in the past. The key to the success of this long waited Reunion has been the combination of wisdom of the veterans and the energy of the young blood. We are grateful to all who have directly or indirectly contributed to organize this great Reunion. We sincerely express our gratitude to all the sponsors who contributed to this event.

At the end we all should remember that it’s our beloved Bangladesh Medical College that has given us the basic platform on which we are standing today and some of us are indeed holding good positions in their respective fields. We strongly believe that whatever the differences of opinions are between ourselves, we should always unite when it comes to Bangladesh Medical College.


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